It's really freezing cold these days. My room seems to be the coldest spot in our apartment, and what's worse, my bed is fixed right next to the wall, with the head facing the window, which means I'll have to suffer the coldness during my sleep, provided that I CAN fall asleep. The fact is, I could hardly get some sleep under this kind of weather. I tried warming up the bed and the feather quilt by  a hair dryer,  but turned out in vane.  The temperature dropped back in seconds.

     I thought a piece of chocolate might help me get warmer, for it is said that chocolate can provide the calories you need when it's cold. People who go mountain climbing during the season should carry  chocolate with them. Well,  I guess those who went mountain climbing  with chocolate in their backpacks could hardly enjoy it because chocolate is actually really crunchy in such case. It's like the kind of chocolate that has just been taken out of the freezer. It loses it's original milky-chocolate taste, more like frozen wax to me. Eewwww... not good at all. But if any of you prefer crunchy chocolate, all you have to do is leave your chocolate by the window over the night. You'll get what you want in the morning.

      The only advantage I could think of this cold, cold night was that my Mom has no need to reserve the dishes in the fridge. The food couldn't possibly go rotten, since our dining room is like a huge fridge, our fridge is like a freezer, our freezer is rather an igloo. I miss summer. I really do.


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