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     I'm still awake in the middle of the night, or shall I say just before dawn? The weatherman says that the temperature in Northern Taiwan is going down to less than 10 degrees Celsius for the following two days. Sometimes it's so cold that I don't wash my hair so often because I may easily catch a cold every time I wash my hair in these kind of winter days. Now my hair is starting to smell like hair, I think it's high time for an overall cleansing. After playing my worn-out sweater with her claws, my cat, Mimi, has fallen asleep on her little round pillow, blowing out sweet and satisfied snores. Great. Now I don't have my buddy to talk with, and it's freezing cold.

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Hi everyone,

     I was once the host for the meeting on Feb. 13, some of you might have known me from then on or even earlier. My name is Georgia, but many of my schoolmates and friends I had at work call me "sense" as a nickname, for it was my very first id used on BBS, and further more, I have no sense, so people thought it a good name for me, just like some people add water or wood to the Chinese character in their names when a fortune teller says their lives lack water or wood; same theory @"@.
     My 32nd birthday passed one or two weeks ago, but I have an imaginary age like Carmen has her imaginary weight. My imaginary age would be 26. Why 26? Because I think that's when I had the best time of my life, staying young and pretty and never lazy to dress myself like a peacock (that was what some classmates said behind my back haha), and that was also the time when a girl is mature enough to be honored a woman, but before crossing the line of starting to receive names like "阿姨" ;also, it was before the time when you realize the condition of your health is getting worse. I love 26.
     Rarely do I go outdoors nowadays, but I do like shopping alone. Sometimes I would chill at a coffee shop which serves all-you-can-eat afternoon tea, reading magazines or comic books while stuffing myself with delicious cake til my stomach says no. However, that favorite coffee shop of mine no longer stands among the busy streets of Taipei; in fact, it closed down for good, and now there stands a  not-so-interesting  hair salon.  Now where am ever I supposed to have "凱撒" chocolate cake1 ? I love it and there's no other cake made like that! Boo hoo... Oh, I would absolutely get my ass out of my home to see a wonderful 相聲 show if there's one, provided that I could get my hands on a ticket, plus I'm available for the activity.
     OK, since I do not go out a lot, what do I do at home? I watch VCDs , DVDs, movies I downloaded from the Internet (but I still show my support by seeing movies I like at a real theater). I love surfing the Net, running Blogs, collecting music videos, listening to different types of music except heavy metal and trance or the kind of techno music which sounds too noisy and retarded (by my definition that means rythms or melodies that are toooo simple, robot-like). Writing Chinese prose is what I'm good at. I took it as my number 1 interest when I was 20.  

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        第一句的「That」指的是先前的來電(從左下角化的電話話機便可知),表示剛剛獸醫才打電話來過,並且告訴 John 說 Garfield 從現在起可以停止節食了(you can go off your diet )。節食是「go on a diet」,停止節食就是「go off a diet」,很好記。有趣的是第二格,真的讓我笑了許久。大家對於漫畫裡面常出現在對話框之外的狀聲字不陌生,中文的漫畫會用「颯颯颯颯颯」表示畫面上是一個風大的場景,或用「咕咕咕咕咕」表示有怪物發出叫聲等等。英文漫畫當然也會運用狀聲字來加強畫面的生動與傳神。關於英語的狀聲字,各位可以參考這裡,如果有看不懂的字,建議查詢英英字典,都會講解得很詳細,我就不在此一一解說。我們回來看看漫畫第二格的「Thud!」,搭配 Garfield 迅速躺下的動作。

        Thud 這個字在英漢字典裡多半被解釋為砰砰的重擊聲,但是這樣會和 thump(也是砰砰重擊聲)的字義混淆;這兩個字其實在表意上是有所區別的。首先我要告訴各位,thud 指的是一種笨重而沈悶的撞擊聲音。作者沒有選擇用 clunk 或是  bonk  等同樣可以表示重物落下的狀聲字,就是因為 clunk 和 bonk  所狀之聲是那種比較清脆的聲音,像是木頭或金屬硬物撞擊在硬地板上的聲音,而且 clunk 表達得撞擊聲不只一聲,而是一種「鏗鏗空空」的聲音;bonk 則是撞擊時接觸面積較大的撞擊聲,比如一個木箱子的整個底面水平落到地板上時的砰砰聲。 至於我先前提到的 thump 和 thud,雖也是重物重擊的聲音,但是是笨重的,而且聲音是很悶的那種,所以撞擊物有可能是較軟的重物,例如一大塊肉或是麵團。thud 較之於 thump,聲音更沈悶更笨重。因此作者在這裡用 thud 這個狀聲字,不僅傳達了 Garfield 的身體是很笨重的,而且就像麵團或是肉團掉在桌面上的聲音一樣,笨重而多肉,這便是作者巧用一個狀聲字之後所達到的諷刺效果,一句台詞都不用,一切盡在不言中。

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        John 對 Garfield 說:「對街的男孩遺失了他的烏龜。」我們來看一下這個句子的結構。要注意這一句的動詞是「has lost(現在完成式)」,而「across(橫越)」是介係詞,有些人容易把它跟動詞「cross(穿越、跨越)」弄混,要留意。「across the street」在本句為一個表地方的介係詞片語(其實也可看成地方副詞),作為補語修飾主詞「The kid」。原句應該是「The kid who lives across the street has lost his turtle.」,關代 who 和形容詞子句中的動詞 live 省略掉後,便形成表地方的介係詞片語的修飾法。事實上,有許多片語作補語修飾的句子,都是從關代的句子省略而來的。例如:

        He talked to the man who lives next door.
         現在分詞(Ving)片語→  He talked to the man living next door. 

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     It's really freezing cold these days. My room seems to be the coldest spot in our apartment, and what's worse, my bed is fixed right next to the wall, with the head facing the window, which means I'll have to suffer the coldness during my sleep, provided that I CAN fall asleep. The fact is, I could hardly get some sleep under this kind of weather. I tried warming up the bed and the feather quilt by  a hair dryer,  but turned out in vane.  The temperature dropped back in seconds.

     I thought a piece of chocolate might help me get warmer, for it is said that chocolate can provide the calories you need when it's cold. People who go mountain climbing during the season should carry  chocolate with them. Well,  I guess those who went mountain climbing  with chocolate in their backpacks could hardly enjoy it because chocolate is actually really crunchy in such case. It's like the kind of chocolate that has just been taken out of the freezer. It loses it's original milky-chocolate taste, more like frozen wax to me. Eewwww... not good at all. But if any of you prefer crunchy chocolate, all you have to do is leave your chocolate by the window over the night. You'll get what you want in the morning.

      The only advantage I could think of this cold, cold night was that my Mom has no need to reserve the dishes in the fridge. The food couldn't possibly go rotten, since our dining room is like a huge fridge, our fridge is like a freezer, our freezer is rather an igloo. I miss summer. I really do.

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